5 Ways To Get Money Fast While Travelling

When we travel the world and visit new countries, the biggest need we have is the money to do it. There never appears to be a true “get rich quick” scheme and we are always seeking new ways to find the gold. While hard work pays dividends, it can sometimes take time to earn enough, however these are 5 ways to get money fast while still enjoying travelling.

1. Freelance Writing


If you are a writer or an editor, you are in luck. Perhaps one of the easiest jobs to travel the world with is copywriting or simply writing and charging for your services. Websites always need new content and this has to come from writers. Writing can be on a number of topics from news to sports to politics to travel.

2. Language Teaching


While teaching English remains an easy way to earn good money fast, non English speakers should also know how important other languages are. In the run up to the Russia World Cup, teaching Russian would be a great skill to have. Similarly if you are a native Spanish speaker, most tourists to South America will visit a Spanish speaking country at some point.

3. Online Gambling


While not everyone’s favourite and often a risk, online gambling works well for those who understand it. With a lot of research into how you can always earn more than you put in, this can be a winner for you. So if you want to escape “casino backpacking ” and find the best slot bonuses available then try your luck online.

4. Hairdressing


People pay for haircuts all over the world. If you are a professional barber or hairdresser you won’t have a problem getting a job and earning fast money everywhere you go. You don’t even need to speak the local language! Just bring photos of different styles of haircut.

5. Cruise Ships


Taking a leaf from Wandering Earl’s travels, you can spend a few months or years on the ocean waves as a barman on a cruise ship. This is a great way to earn money fast as you have no outgoings. You are always at sea yet you get paid for it. After a few months, you will be rich and ready to travel the world.

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