10 Road Trip Essentials

One of the best things about going on a road trip is that you can normally just bung everything in the car and away you go. You can literally pack half your home if you so wish, without the need to have to lug it all around in your rucksack.

This weekend, I am completing one of many upcoming road trips of the British Isles, from England to Wales; a journey of 360 miles (return), in order to support my national team (IRELAND, if you hadn’t guessed) in the Rugby World Cup in Cardiff.

I’ve packed, and I’m ready to hit the road. However, I thought I’d put together a handy little list of essential items, you may want to consider packing for a road trip.


1. Road Maps


When I was a kid, and we went on long road trips, during holidays. I remember my mum would have a huge map or an A-Z of whatever country/area we were in. Simply because Sat Navs did not exist. Nowadays, it is so simple to type into your maps app where you want to be, and it’ll give you an approximate mileage, as well as the fastest route. However, technology can fail (as it has done with me in the past). A basic road map is handy to have in your car as a solid backup.

2. GPS/ Sat Nav 


A GPS is very handy to have, though they can be frequently out of date, and sometimes I find they can take you the strangest of ways. They are helpful, however – just remember to pack your charger for them, and keep them hidden when you go park and leave your car for a little while.

3. Music


Get a dope ass playlist going on your iPod/MP3, or bring CDs – that way you can be guaranteed to have something you’ll like listening to. Radio signal can drop from place to place, and no one likes to listen to that crackly sound!

My car happens to have an AUX port, as well as a USB port for my devices, so I can hook up my iPod and playlist to my cars audio system and I’m away!

4. Snacks/Drinks


Depending on how long your trip is, you’ll need some good snacks on the road to give you energy. I go with a mix of healthy/unhealthy and have chips (crisps), nuts, pretzels, chocolate and fruit, then plenty of large bottles of water

5. Sunglasses 


Even if it is Winter, the sun can still be out, and the glare can be quite dangerous. Pack some good sunnies to protect your eyes and help you drive safer.

6. A Camera/Video Camera


You’ll want to capture life on the road, places you stop by, and sights you see, so pack your camera with you. I am taking my Lumix, and my Sony Action Camera, with various attachments, and tripods (remember to pack more memory cards and the chargers with you).

7. Loose change for toll roads 

Most places these days allow you to pay with your visa card, but it is always handy to have some spare coins in the car for toll roads, as well as car parking later on.

8 Emergency Kit 

Just in case you break down or get stuck somewhere, you may want to make sure you have things, in case you get stuck overnight in the car, such as blankets, additional bottles of water etc.

You may want to bring a first aid kit, should an injury occur on the road

9. A Good travel compadre 

Travelling with my youngest sister to New York earlier in the year

No one wants to be stuck in a car for several hours with a plank in the car, who sings sweet home Alabama, farts, snores or is a back seat driver. Choose your travel compadre(s) wisely!

10. Oh and a car with fuel (would be helpful)


Fill up before you leave, and make sure you know where your nearest fuel stops are along the way. Service stations can charge an arm and a leg for fuel, but can be good places to stop for a wee and a good leg stretch!


Have you done any Road Trips – What do you pack?

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